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Who are we?

We are Fishbowl Improv, Ohio State's free improvisational comedy group! Since 2009, Fishbowl has been putting on free improv shows at Ohio State, the greater Columbus area, and all around the country. That's right... FREE COMEDY. Need we say more?

What is improv?

Our favorite question. The google definition is "the creation and performance that is done spontaneously or without preparation." In other words, we perform comedic scenes together and make it all up on the spot! No scripts. Just fun.

At a typical show, we perform short-form and long-form improv. Short-form is made up of fun, structured games similar to the show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" and long-form improv is made up of longer scenes that are inspired by audience suggestions.

When are shows?

We have free shows all throughout the semester, with many of them on Sunday nights at the Union; we call it “Sunday Night Fishbowl,” or SNF for short. We also do collaboration shows with other organizations and comedy groups on campus. Announcements for shows can be found on our social media @fishbowlimprov!

Can I audition?

Why of COURSE you can audition, as long as you are an enrolled student at Ohio State! Fishbowl holds auditions at the beginning of each semester, and if you are interested, please audition! You don’t need any theatrical experience at all, and we will explain EVERYTHING to you so you feel as comfortable as possible.

Any other questions?

If you ever have any questions in regards to ANYTHING (auditions, collaborations, improv workshops, etc.) then email us at or send us a DM on Instagram @fishbowlimprov!

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